Saturday, December 10

Business Name

What Should I Name
My Dog Walking Business?

Your dog walking business name will be the first thing your potential clients will see. They will determine alot from just your name. You want your name to stand out and spell out exactly what you do. You also want your name to sound like a professional business. Think about what steps you take when you are looking through the phone book or the Internet to pick out a plumber or carpenter. What is the first thing you look at: Their Business Name.

So, what should your name entail? One thing you have to consider is will you be offering more than dog walking at some point? If you are do not add "dog walking" to the end of your business name.

Many people will just use their personal names such as "Stacy's Dog Walking". That is a good, personal choice. Even better would be using where you live in your name. Make your name hit close to home. For example, if you live in Florida, you can name your business "Orlando's Best Dog Walking Service". This name will stand out above the rest. Using your town or county is also a great way to start your name. Your clients can relate to those names and will hopefully call you before the others.

If you are going to offer more services in addition to dog walking, try ending your business name with "Pet Care Services" or something like that. This will leave you open to adding on any kind of pet care service and will not limit your business to just dog walking or just dogs.

After you have picked out your name, you want to be sure no one else is using it. Some businesses will federally trademark their name. This is to ensure no one else can legally use their name nationwide. To check the trademark database click
here and then click on search in the right hand column. Now that you have checked the federal database, you need to check your state database. There is a separate database available for each state. To find your state database, go to the Secretary of State site and click on your state. Find the area where you can do a business search. Then just type in the name you are thinking of using. If nothing comes up, that means no one is registered in your state with that name. You may also want to check the newspapers, Internet and the phone book, just in case someone is using it but is not registered with the state. You can not use a name which is in use in your state or nationally. You can't even use a variation of it. So, be sure to check all your resources before putting your business name on paper.

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boycheese said...

Great article on picking a name for a dog services business! Most people do not include searching the Secretary of State database.

Jason "Dog Walker" Mahlin