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Dog Walking Insurance

In this section we will discuss the different types of dog walking insurance companies available for your dog walking business.

Insurance is very important for your business. Insurance will cover you from damage you may cause to the home such as knocking over an expensive vase. It will also cover you if you lose grip of the dog's leash and it attacks another dog or person. Most clients will expect you to have insurance to protect themselves and their pet while in your care.

Below is a list of all the insurance companies I could find in select countries. I have provided you with a link to each company website and some pricing information. Please visit each insurance company in your country to compare deductibles, premiums, coverage amounts, etc. to be sure you are receiving the correct coverage for your business.

US insurance carriers:

Canadian Insurance Carriers:

UK Insurance Carriers:
Australian Insurance Carriers:
You can also purchase insurance through local carriers. It is best to compare all carriers and decide which is best for you.

Below is more detailed information on each provider.

United States Pet and Dog Walker Insurance Providers:

In the US, you can find PSA, LLC at http://www.petsitllc.com/. This organization is different because their insurance fee is included in the annual membership fee. The membership dues are a low fee of $174 per year! This is for membership AND Insurance. You can also purchase special property coverage and surety bond for an additional $100 per year! This works similar to bonding (only better) and will cover your business against personal property damage, care, custody and control and theft. Visit http://www.petsitllc.com/ for more information or to fill out and application.

Business Insurers of the Carolinas is contracted with PSI and NAPPS. This means you must be a member of either organization in order to purchase their insurance.

Pet Sitters International (PSI) can be found at http://www.petsit.com/. The cost of their membership starts at $140.

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) can be found at http://www.petsitters.org/. The cost of their membership starts at $160.

Once you pay for membership to either PSI or NAPPS, you can then purchase insurance. The insurance with this company starts at $470. You can find more information about this company by visiting http://www.petsitterinsurance.com/.

Canadian Pet and Dog Walking Insurance Providers:

Canadian Pet Pro offers insurance for $600 per year. You do not need to belong to any organizations. You can also make monthly payments. You can find Verge at

Horizon Insurance offers dog walking insurance to members of All Canadian Pet Services Network (ACPSN) located at http://www.acpsn.com/. The cost of membership to ACPSN is $70 CDN. Insurance through this company is $575 per year.

Binks offers insurance to Canadian members of PSI. The cost of the insurance starts at $600 plus membership to PSI. You can find Binks at http://www.binks.ca/index.cfml?fuseaction=content.view&id=9

Schofield-Aker Insurance offers insurance coverage to members of the International Association of Canine Professionals. You can find them located at http://www.dogpro.org/. IACP membership dues start at $50 for an associate membership and goes up to $100 for a professional membership. Insurance with this company is $765. You can pay in full or make 2-4 installments per year.

United Kingdom Pet and Dog Walking Insurance Providers:

Pet Secure offers insurance for dog walkers on an individual basis. For more information, visit http://www.petsecure.co.uk/Index.aspx or call 0117 9556835.

Pet Business Insurance provides insurance starting at £109.00 for care, custody and control. You can also add on employee coverage, equipment coverage and more. For more information and a free quote, go to http://www.petbusinessinsurance.co.uk/dog_walker_business_insurance.aspx.

Cliverton insurance can be found at http://www.cliverton.co.uk/pages/dog_walking.php. Their premium starts at £136.50.

National Pet Sitters is located at http://www.dogsit.com/. Insurance is included in the membership fee. For new members, membership is £120 plus a one time registration fee of £370.

Park Insurance can be found at http://www.parkinsurance.co.uk/. Their premium starts at £58.01, this does not include coverage for the pet and is based on a £1,000,000 PL for third parties only. To include coverage for the pet, it is an additional premium starting at £98.00.

Australian Pet and Dog Walking Insurance Carriers:

Barker Meier Insurance Brokers Pty Ltd can be found at http://www.barkermeier.com.au/page/products__services.html#pets. Insurance from this company is also offered for members of Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) located at http://www.piaa.net.au/index.html. Insurance premiums start at $330 and go up from there depending on where you live.

If you know of an insurance company not listed above, please let us know so that we can update our information. Click here to send an email.

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